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Sulema Trevino became board certified in Micropigmentation in 1996 by the American Academy of Micropigmentation. She has perfected her skills in semi-permanent make-up also known as cosmetic tattoos, medical tattoos, scalp micropigmentation and corrections. She has a school in Boca Raton, Florida where she teaches others her craft. She has a celebrity clientele and has worked with numerous plastic surgeons, dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons in south Florida and New York City.

MICROPIGMENTATION – “scientific name for permanent makeup cosmetic tattoos, microblading, and medical tattooing”. Also known as S.M.P For who: SMP is for people with thinning hair, hair transplant scars, to fill in between hair transplants, for those who want the shaved head look.


Upcoming Classes:

Scalp Micropigmentation
Florida 2018
January 29-Feburary 1

Florida 2017
December 18-Decemeber 19

Florida 2018
February 12-13

Fundamental Training
Florida 2018
January 8-12
April 16-20


Scalp micropigmentation course outline:
Learn how to:

  • Cover scars
  • Fill in scalp to create shaved head look
  • Reduce size of crown
  • Fill in to make hair transplants look real

Course length: 4 Days

Medical micropigmentation course outline:
Learn: procedures to compliment medical procedures, or camouflage injuries, hypo- pigmentation.. etc
Encompasses procedures on:

  • Areolas
  • Scar concealment/ camouflage
  • Skin color matching
  • Face lift scars
  • Naked needle technique aka MCA
  • Scar relaxation